Application Instructions:

1. Please use a computer, this online application is not phone or tablet compatible. If you prefer to download a paper copy of our application, you may do so here: Paper Application  (download this document first, do not attempt to fill it out on your browser, it may not save)

2. If the online application is not working property on your computer, please temporarily disable your browser plug-ins and/or anti-virus software.

3. The online application is for an applicant 18 and over, please submit only one application per applicant. Please take care to submit accurate, verifiable, and complete information; incomplete information will delay your Qualification Review.

4. Please answer honestly, we verify your answers and supporting documentation.

5. For questions regarding the application process, please see Applicant Frequently Asked Questions

Qualification Review Criteria:

1. Applicant(s) are screened using five criteria: sufficient funds, credit score, income level, rental history, and employment verification.

2. We generally select applicants with a credit score of 650+ and with a history of financial responsibility. We also screen applicants for previous eviction(s), negative rental history, sex offender registration, felony criminal record(s) related to violence and/or fraud, and outstanding collection(s) and/or debt obligation(s).

3. All applicants applying with you must meet the eligibility requirements in order to be accepted for residency.


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