Routine Repair (submit a request below)

Please allow us up to 10 business days to complete a routine repair

Urgent Repair (submit a request below and we’ll prioritize your repair)

Unsafe Conditions: falling/sharp objects, broken front-door lock, etc.

Graffiti Vandalism: gang graffiti and/or threatening messages on or near the vicinity of your residence

Water Damage: gushing water, immediately turn off your home’s water shut-off valve and then give our team a call

Emergency Repair (call 911, then our team at 562.926.5862)

Gas leak: strong smell of gas and/or triggered carbon monoxide alarm devices

Flooding: uncontrolled gushing water

Fire Damage: fire, smoke, burning odors, electrical outlet discoloration, etc.

Safety & Security: crime and/or imminent threats


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    Are you or anyone in your household experiencing cold, flu, or COVID-19 symptoms? (if yes, please explain)

    Item(s) Needing Repair

    Appliance (dishwasher, range/oven, range hood, etc): if your repair is related to an appliance, how many years have you had this appliance and what brand is it? (we use this information to determine the quality of the appliance provided to you so that we may provide better equipment in the future)

    Repair Request (please be as specific as possible)

    Troubleshooting: have you attempted to troubleshoot this repair yourself? If yes, please explain (we understand that not all issues may be troubleshooted by the resident. This information is requested so we may better understand the problem and provide more complete information to our repair technician)

    Pictures are incredibly helpful, please attach them here:

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