Prepare for move-in

1. Schedule the transfer of utility services (electricity, gas, water, internet) prior to your move-in day (utility service should start the day you sign your lease). Some residents may not need to transfer water service, please check with our property managers.

2. Purchase a washer drain pan (for residents who have a washer/dryer closet on the second floor) to place underneath your washing machine.

3. Keep an eye out for the “Welcome Home” email that will be sent to you a week prior to your move-in day. This email will contain additional specific details on what you need to complete prior to move-in.

4. Prepare a cashier’s check or money order of rent in the full amount written to the lessor listed on your Lease Agreement (Example: Happy Villa Apartment); do not prepare a personal check or write “EVERCREST” on your rent check, we are the property management company contracted by the lessor. Your second month’s rent will be prorated.

5. Purchase renter’s insurance

– For an ePremium® policy, please call 800.319.1390 or sign up at ePremium® and we will be automatically notified of your coverage

– For a non-ePremium® policy, please ensure you have the minimum coverage requirement: $100,000 in general liability protection, resident-caused water damage coverage, loss of use coverage, and the policy must list EVERCREST Development & Management, P.O. 498067, Cincinnati, OH 45249 as an “Interested Party” on the declaration page. Please email your proof of renter’s insurance policy to or upload it here:

    (pdf | jpg only)

    You are not required to use ePremium Insurance. You may choose any other insurance provider. EVERCREST D&M staff are not licensed agents. ePremium Insurance is not owned or operated by EVERCREST D&M and we make no guarantees, representations or promises concerning the insurance coverage or service it provides.

    Lease signing and move-in day, welcome home!

    1. Lease signing and key pickup is at our Leasing Office, please give us a call before you come. Please bring: all leaseholders who are signing, a cashier’s check or money order with the full month’s rent, and a government-issued ID. If you or any leaseholder are exhibiting signs of cold, flu, or COVID-19 symptoms, let us know and we’ll arrange an alternative way of signing your lease and picking up your keys. Lease signing will take at least one hour.

    2. Please do not deliver a cargo container (rental pod) to a parking space on move-in day, the weight of these containers may damage concrete surfaces.

    Post move-in

    1. If you have large bulky items that need to be disposed of (ex. mattress, couch), please contact our office and we’ll coordinate your bulky item disposal. As a service to you, our coordination for this pickup is free but the trash company may charge a fee.

    2. Please be considerate and flatten cardboard boxes before disposing of them in the recycling bin; do not overfill the trash or recycling bin.

    3. Please email or mail your Move-in/ Move-out Checklist to us 10 days after your move-in.

    4. If there are minor repair items you’d like for us to fix, please annotate them on your Move-In/ Move-out Checklist. If your repair is an emergency, please give us a call immediately.

    5. Check the city street sweeping schedule so that you or your guests don’t get fined if your vehicle is parked on the public street.